Who Doesn't Like To Color?

I recently had the opportunity to participate in art exhibit at The Leonardo in Salt Lake City. The show is called "We Declare" and it is based on the Declaration of Human Rights. There are 8 giant 14' x 6' panels that were created in Black & White. Colored pencils are available and viewers of the show are encouraged to participate and interact with the artwork by coloring it in - just like a coloring book! I did 3 of the panels and locals artists Jill De Haan and Ellen Nelson also contributed. This was a great opportunity. Even better, when we went to the ribbon cutting last weekend, Pam and the kids got to participate and enjoy the show. There was even a press event where the kids were photographed and interviewed! Here are some photos from the event and some links to online articles detailing the exhibit. The kids were even printed up in the local papers and appeared on television news! They're basking in their infamy! The exhibit will be on the main floor until June and then transferred up to the second floor for the next year.

Salt Lake Tribune and Deseret News